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James Diggans


James Diggans, Director of Bioinformatics and Biosecurity for Twist Bioscience James Diggans is Director, Bioinformatics and Biosecurity for Twist Bioscience, a DNA synthesis company based in San Francisco, CA. He holds a PhD from George Mason University in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and has worked in target discovery, molecular diagnostic development and biodefense including [...]

James Diggans2018-07-25T10:50:14-07:00

Shahram Seyedin-Noor


Shahram Seyedin-Noor, Founder and General Partner of Civilization Ventures Shahram is the Founder and General Partner of Civilization Ventures, a fund focused on supporting cutting-edge innovations in synthetic biology and health tech, including genomics, diagnostics, AI and regenerative medicine. Founded in 2017, Civilization VC has already been recognized by SVB as one [...]

Shahram Seyedin-Noor2018-07-25T08:55:52-07:00

Paul Garofolo


Paul Garofolo, CEO of Locus Biosciences Paul has been a member of multiple Executive Management teams of both publically traded multi-national corporations and successful startup opportunities. He is currently the CEO of Locus Biosciences, an emerging biotech focused on the discovery and development of a novel class of CRISPR/Cas Antimicrobials. Paul also serves [...]

Paul Garofolo2018-07-20T14:51:46-07:00

Tariq Warsi


Tariq Warsi, CEO and co-founder of Syntheseas. Tariq Warsi is the CEO and co-founder of Syntheseas, Inc. Tariq is a skilled scientist, venture capital advisor, start-up mentor, and entrepreneur, with experience across the academic and industrial sectors. He is experienced in engineering a variety of model and non-model organisms and is widely viewed [...]

Tariq Warsi2018-09-27T04:33:58-07:00

Ryan Ritterson


Ryan Ritterson, Scientist at Gryphon Scientific Dr. Ryan Ritterson is a biophysicist whose work in industry strives to balance the needs of the growing biotechnology community with the requirements of government, to minimize the safety and security hazards that these new technologies may enable. With a focus on synthetic biology, Dr. Ritterson [...]

Ryan Ritterson2018-07-18T11:04:09-07:00

Felix Moser


Felix Moser, CSO of Synlife Felix Moser is the Chief Scientific Officer of Synlife, an early-stage startup based in Cambridge, MA developing novel healthcare solutions based on Synthetic Minimal Cell (SynellTM) technologies. Synthetic minimal cells, unlike extant organisms, offer the advantages of being wholly defined in their chemical makeup while still being completely [...]

Felix Moser2018-07-18T09:29:53-07:00

Daniel Arlow


Daniel Arlow, CEO of Ansa Biotechnologies Dan has been a member of Jay Keasling's lab at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory since 2013, where he has focused on the development of new technologies for the synthesis of DNA. Previously, Dan was a Scientific Associate at D.E. Shaw Research, LLC, where he [...]

Daniel Arlow2018-07-16T11:45:33-07:00

Thomas Ybert


Thomas Ybert, CEO and co-founder of DNA Script Thomas YBERT is the CEO and co-founder of DNA Script a Paris-based, France, start-up developing a novel approach for synthesizing nucleic acids. After obtaining an engineering degree and a PhD in biotechnology from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France), he joined Sanofi where he developed a [...]

Thomas Ybert2018-07-11T12:46:16-07:00

Gigi Gronvall


Gigi Gronvall, Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Dr. Gronvall is a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is the author of [...]

Gigi Gronvall2018-07-11T12:37:32-07:00

Matthew Mattozzi


Matthew Mattozzi, Manager of Scientific Operations at Conagen Matthew Mattozzi, Ph.D. is the Manager of Scientific Operations at Conagen Inc., a research, development, and fermentation scale-up company based in Bedford, MA.  He leads technology scouting, licensing and partnership activities.  Prior to his work at Conagen, he worked as a scientist with expertise [...]

Matthew Mattozzi2018-07-22T00:05:13-07:00