Bio Meets Tech

The industrialization of biology has brought shorter development times, lower costs and broader possibilities. From AI in organism design and process automation to custom-made DNA and precision genetic tools, the new building blocks of synthetic biology are enabling the jump from the lab bench to factories, high-throughput development and mass production.

Rather than adding more tools to the toolbox, these new platforms are redefining what it means to build with biology. With less time and cost-intensive developments, it is certain that innovation is spreading faster. As a community we must make sure we are crafting the right building blocks to fix and improve our world – not only to overcome our current technical hurdles, but to continue shaping the way biology interacts with new disciplines to positively impact our lives.

Key Issues & Questions

AI, Deep Learning and Biological Automation

  • How is AI and deep learning being applied to the design and production of biological systems?
  • What are the latest trends in biological automation?

Low Cost Hardware as the Tools of Change

  • How is getting low cost hardware into the hands of the innovators disrupting the industry?
  • How can low cost hardware contribute to the decentralization of innovation in biology?
  • Is the demand for low-cost hardware creating new markets for existing industry?

CRISPR and Next Generation Gene Editing

  • How has CRISPR changed in the last 12 months and what’s in the pipeline for the future?
  • What does CRISPR 2.0 look like?

Go Big or Go Home (Scaling Up the Biofab)

  • How can startups avoid the pitfalls of poor scale up?
  • Does scale remain a bottleneck for the synthetic biology industry?

Measuring What Matters

  • What measurements are critical for the synthetic biology industry?
  • What precision tools do we lack in order to get to the next stage?
  • The data deluge: How are we turning data into knowledge?

Organism Engineering Platforms

  • What new organism engineering platforms will appear on the scene?
  • How fast are we able to expand our knowledge in model organisms and apply this to the engineering of novel chassis?

The Future of DNA Synthesis

  • What does the market for DNA synthesis look like over the next 10 years?
  • How can we enable decentralized DNA synthesis, or alternatively overcome operational hurdles to make custom DNA affordable for research and innovation worldwide?
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