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John Sundman


John Sundman, Writer. John Sundman is an award-winning novelist and essayist whose books explore implications of new technologies. He has spoken at SynBioBeta Edinburgh and at the DEFCON hacker convention on Art, Ethics and Synthetic Biology. His in-depth interviews with synthetic biology pioneers George Church, Tom Knight, Paul Berg and others are [...]

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Hugh Goold


Hugh Goold, Honorary Research Fellow at Macquarie University. Dr. Hugh Goold is a researcher working for the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries of Australia. Hugh is currently constructing the synthetic Chromosome XVI of Yeast 2.0 at Macquarie University and is responsible for identifying synthetic biology projects with potential direct impact for [...]

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Perumal Gandhi


Perumal Gandhi, co-founder of Perfect Day. Perumal Gandhi is a co-founder of Perfect Day, a food company on a mission to create delicious animal-free dairy products, while leaving a kinder, greener footprint on the planet. Perumal’s background is in Biomedical Engineering (SUNY Stony Brook). Prior to co-founding Perfect Day, Perumal worked in [...]

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Ross Zirkle


Ross Zirkle, Director, Biotechnology Innovation at DSM Nutritional Products Ross Zirkle is Director, Biotechnology Innovation at DSM Nutritional Products in Columbia, MD and currently responsible for leading innovation for DSM’s biotechnology projects and products.  Ross had previously led R&D activities focused on developing new and improved strains of microalgae to produce nutritional [...]

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Oliver Yu


Oliver Yu, Co-Founder and CEO of Conagen. Dr. Yu has a B. Sc. from Dept. of Biophysics at the Fudan University in Shanghai, and a Ph. D. from Department of Biology at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. His postdoctoral training was at the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware. He [...]

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Aishani Aatresh


Aishani Aatresh, Research Intern at Distributed Bio. Aishani Aatresh works at Distributed Bio developing computationally-guided immunoengineering methods to enable a new generation of monoclonal antibody discovery. She has been passionate about immunology from a young age because of her severe food allergies and is deeply interested in genetics and computer science. A big [...]

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Pulakesh Mukherjee


Pulakesh Mukherjee,Principal, BASF Venture Capital Pulakesh Mukherjee joined BASF Venture Capital in 2009 and is based in Silicon Valley, California, USA. He began his career in 2002 in Polymer Research at BASF in Germany where he was responsible for development and scaling up of novel water-based polymers. After his stint in research [...]

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Simone Ross


Simone Ross, Consultant. Simone is an international conference program executive and content specialist who has spent her career observing the companies, individuals and ideas at the intersection of tech, the economy and society. Most recently, as the co-founder and chief program officer of Techonomy Media she was responsible for all program content [...]

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Melissa Thomas


Melissa Thomas, Principal Scientist at Amgen. Dr. Thomas has more than 12 years’ experience in biologics in the biopharma industry. She has experience in downstream purification and analytical characterization of a wide range of proteins, supporting both large and small molecule therapeutic development. Her work with bispecific modalities has included antibody-based formats [...]

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Casey Lippmeier


Casey Lippmeier, Vice President of Biotechnology Research for Sweegen, and Vice President of Research and Development for Conagen. J. Casey Lippmeier, PhD. has more than 20 years of experience translating science into products in the biotechnology industry.  Casey currently serves in two roles; Vice President of Biotechnology Research for Sweegen - a [...]

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