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Kristin Sorrentino


Kristin Sorrentino, Administrative Manager at SynBioBeta. Kristin has over 25 years in administrative services. She supports SynBioBeta leadership in managing the day to day organization and operations of the company. She has a B.S. in education.

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Emilia Díaz


Emilia Díaz, Special Advisor for Creativity and Science Communication at SynBioBeta. Best described as an entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Emilia is a young Chilean innovator working in the intersection of science and social impact, hoping to make the world a better place through biotechnology. At 22 she founded Kaitek Labs, one of [...]

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Ian Haydon


Ian Haydon, Special Advisor for Creativity and Science Communication at SynBioBeta. Ian is a scientist and science communicator. His writing has appeared in Scientific American, RealClearScience, Salon, the International Business Times, and more than 30 other online outlets. Ian is pursuing a PhD at the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design and received [...]

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Christopher Oakes


Christopher Oakes, General Manager at SynBioBeta. Chris brings over a decade of experience in helping science startups and Fortune 500 companies develop and run sales, marketing and customer support programs. He received his Master’s in Biology with an emphasis in marine biology and immunology and is excited about synthetic biology’s role in [...]

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Kevin Costa


Kevin Costa, Program Manager at SynBioBeta. Kevin assists SynBioBeta's leadership in meeting the needs of our sponsors and other customers. Before joining SynBioBeta, Kevin helped to found the Engineering Biology Research Center, and for ten years managed the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center led by Jay D. Keasling. Kevin’s interests include science [...]

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Yan Liu


Yan Liu, Project Specialist at SynBioBeta. Yan is a creative storyteller, a strategist, a visionary who excels at complex thinking and out of box problem solving. He brings talented people together, and he helps people know what they don’t know. He is interested in interdisciplinary matters and social-political issues. Yan is working [...]

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Claire Fukutaki


Claire Fukutaki, Event Coordinator at SynBioBeta. Claire plays the all important supporting role in coordinating the speaking experience and event schedule at SynBioBeta. Before joining SynBioBeta, Claire earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at UC Santa Cruz and is psyched about  neurobiology and brain control interfaces (BCI’s). [...]

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Steve Evans


Steve Evans, Fellow of Dow AgroSciences Steve received B.A. and B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Microbiology, respectively, from the University of Mississippi in 1981 where he was an NSF Undergraduate Research awardee in natural products analytical chemistry. He completed a Ph.D. in Microbial Physiology from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in [...]

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D.A. Wallach


D.A. Wallach, Founder of Inevitable Ventures. D.A. Wallach is a recording artist, songwriter, investor, and essayist who Kanye West and Pharrell Williams discovered while he was an undergraduate at Harvard College. He has been featured in GQ, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and numerous other publications, and has toured with N*E*R*D, Lady Gaga, and [...]

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Andrew Hessel


Andrew Hessel, Founder of Humane Genomics. Andrew Hessel is the founder of Humane Genomics Inc., an early-stage company making designer viruses. He is also the co-founder of the Genome Project-write (GP-write), the international community working to make designing, building and testing large genomes a reality. He was Distinguished Researcher at Autodesk Life [...]

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