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Mary Ann Santos


Mary Ann Santos, a Synthetic Biology Senior Technical Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mary Ann Santos  is a Synthetic Biology Senior Technical Specialist for Thermo Fisher Scientific. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Biology from the University of San Francisco. Mary Ann has over 21 years of experience in the [...]

Mary Ann Santos2018-09-25T21:00:20-07:00

Axel Trefzer


Axel Trefzer, Director R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific Axel Trefzer received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Tübingen, Germany. After that he moved into industry where he held positions with Diversa Corporation, Invitrogen, DSM and Thermo Fisher Scientific of increasing responsibility. Over time he has led research programs in a [...]

Axel Trefzer2018-09-25T13:03:22-07:00

Karl Handelsman


Karl Handelsman, Investment Director at the Roche Venture Fund Karl has one of the best track records investing in early stage biotech therapeutic and synthetic biology companies over the last 18 years.  He runs Codon Capital and is also an Investment Director at the Roche Venture Fund.  Karl invests in seed and [...]

Karl Handelsman2018-09-25T02:02:52-07:00

Sonny Vu


Sonny Vu, Chairman of the Board, Perfect Day. Sonny is Founder of Alabaster, a company that advises and invests in founders commercializing technology based on scientific breakthroughs. Current themes include materials science, semiconductors, and synthetic biology for clean energy and food production. Recently, Sonny was President/CTO of Fossil Group, Connected Devices. Before [...]

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Jared Stephens


Jared Stephens, Director of Search, Strategy & Evaluation (Genomics and Molecular) at GE Healthcare. Jared Stephens is the Director of Search, Strategy & Evaluation (Genomics and Molecular) at GE Healthcare.

Jared Stephens2018-09-22T12:26:06-07:00

Vasil Hnatiuk


Vasil Hnatiuk, Designer Animator/Art Director. An Emmy and BDA gold winning designer with a passion for illustration and animation combine with a fascination with science and technology. A fun, creative attitude towards life, people and work. Experienced at putting together and running teams of designers and animators. Thorough knowledge of the motion [...]

Vasil Hnatiuk2018-09-22T11:42:07-07:00

Matthew Hymes


Matthew Hymes, Marketing Director at Arbor Biosciences.  Matthew Hymes is the Marketing Director at Arbor Biosciences, a development and manufacturing company owned by scientists founded to serve our peers in molecular biology applications. We are a passionate organization of scientists determined to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly products to researchers of genetics and synthetic [...]

Matthew Hymes2018-09-22T11:19:31-07:00

Gautam Das


Gautam Das, Asst. Vice - President & Head, Biomaterials Research (Synthetic Biology), at Reliance R&D. Gautam Das, Asst. Vice - President & Head, Biomaterials Research (Synthetic Biology), at Reliance R&D, leads three projects on Advanced Biomaterials Research using synthetic biology. Responsible for research and development, business development and innovation management, from concept [...]

Gautam Das2018-09-22T10:45:57-07:00

Rocco Mancinelli


Rocco Mancinelli, Sr. Research Scientist at Bay Area Environmental Research Institute and CEO of HelioBioSys. Mancinelli has over 25 years of technology expertise in the area of bio-production and processing, He has served on numerous corporate as well as U.S. government, state, local and non-U.S. government advisory boards. He is a co-founder, [...]

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