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We are entering a new era of medicine – one that works with biology, not against it. Engineered biomolecules are hitting ‘undruggable’ targets, the immune system is being programmed to fight cancer, and the microbes within us are being harnessed to improve health. All of these clinical breakthroughs – and many more being developed today – are the result of engineered biology.
As we improve our ability to read, write and understand DNA, even more medical breakthroughs are sure to follow. It is our responsibility as technologists, however, to ensure we are pursuing the right goals. Biopharmaceuticals must be affordable for those who need them, and we must not lose sight of global disease burden. Fortunately, the industrialization of biology promises health benefits for all.

Key Issues & Questions

Engineering Antibodies

  • Technology is changing what’s possible – what should we target next?
  • How can synthetic biology help drive down the cost of therapeutic antibodies and biosimilars?

Neuroscience and the Bio/Brain Interface

  • How is molecular biology helping us understand the brain?
  • Can tools from synthetic neurobiology close the gap between digital and biological?
  • Who are the major players in the field?

Women’s Health

  • What are the missing links and blind spots in today’s healthcare system that the synthetic biology community can help address to improve women’s health?
  • What are the relation between microbiome and women’s health? How can synthetic biology help?

CAR-T, Engineered Gene and Cell Therapies for Fighting Cancer

  • What does the current landscape of gene/cell therapy and oncology look like?
  • What’s the path for bringing personalized cancer treatments to the larger world?

Engineering the Microbiome: An Empire of Interdependence

  • Why microbiome is the new frontier of healthcare?
  • Are engineered probiotics ready for primetime?
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