Food + Agriculture

To feed more people on an already straining planet, agriculture must become greener, more innovative and more bountiful. Biotechnology is already boosting crop yields, but more dramatic innovation is still needed.

Gene editing is allowing agriculturalists to modify traits without adding foreign DNA. What are the regulatory implications? Lab-grown meat may offer a more environmentally palatable route to the tastes and textures we love. Will the public get onboard?

Key Issues & Questions

Synthetic Biology: Food, Ag and Crop Protection

  • How can we use synthetic biology to create Biopesticides that are more sustainable and less toxic?
  • What other missing links in ag tech that synthetic biology can help address?

The Future of Food and Cellular Agriculture

  • How will agriculture be disrupted by synthetic biology in the coming years?
  • Is animal-free meat heading to the supermarket? What about those GMO labels?

Natural Product Synthesis

  • What does the current landscape of natural product synthesis look like?
  • What are the missing links that need to be addressed?
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