Synthetic Biology Week Host Agreement

Synthetic Biology Week Host Agreement2018-06-27T15:56:05-07:00

SynBioBeta is acting as the convener for Synthetic Biology Week events, however the liability for each event is held by you, the host organization.

  1. Event Ticketing: SynBioBeta will give you, the hosting organization, access to Eventbrite for your own hosted event. You can see the EventBrite attendee registration questions here. You’ll receive attendee confirmations by email from Eventbrite.
  2. As a host, you are responsible for any costs regarding venue, catering, or materials for your event.
  3. SynBioBeta will publish a marketing calendar for the event on the Synthetic Biology Week web page at no charge. We will be providing a marketing toolkit closer to the time of your event. You’ll also want to market your event locally and to particular channels.
  4. By hosting, you provide consent for SynBioBeta to use the company name and/or any images obtained the day of the Event in social media, press releases, websites or other promotional materials.
  5. Please make sure that your event page includes information on parking, attire (e.g. shoes for lab tours or science hikes)

To register for an event, please provide the following details, (if you are not sure what date, time, or location you will use, you may tentatively tag it as “TBD”.)