Stephanie Marrus

Stephanie Marrus

Stephanie Marrus, Director, Entrepreneurship Center, UCSF.

Stephanie Marrus has built an entrepreneurial program at UCSF to start companies from UCSF technologies.  Since joining in 2012, she has brought business expertise and startup energy to the University, resulting in a vibrant startup scene symbolic of Silicon Valley.  Her entrepreneurship courses and programs mirror those of Berkeley and Stanford with a life science focus.  The Center attracts top tier investors and CEOs from the startup ecosystem.  From 2013-16, 20 early stage ventures that participated in the program raised an aggregate $59 million.

Prior to UCSF, Stephanie had an extensive business career that included C-suite roles in high impact, scalable life science and technology-based companies in Boston and San Francisco.  In her consulting activity through SV Global Consultants, she takes the roles of strategist, business development dealmaker and operational executive in companies; organizes visits to Silicon Valley for international entrepreneurs.

Stephanie is Senior Lecturer at UCSF, and directs the Startup 101 class. Additionally, she has taught at UC Berkeley and Stanford, and globally in Europe, Asia, Latino America and Africa.   She is part of the US State Department’s International Speaker Program and consults with foreign government- backed entities, accelerators and universities. She enjoys bringing her Silicon Valley expertise to the international scene.

She holds an AB from Cornell, MA from Columbia and MBA from Wharton.