Paul Freemont, co-founder and co-director of SynbiCITE

Professor Paul Freemont is co-founder of the Centre for Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London and co-founder and co-director of the UK’s National Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Synthetic Biology (SynbiCITE) which has spearheaded the commercialization of synthetic biology in the UK. His research interests span from understanding the molecular mechanisms of human disease and infection to the development of cell-free synthetic biology platform technologies and he is the author of over 220 scientific publications and co-founder of two spin-out companies. He is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and Royal Society of Medicine. He was a co-author of the British Government’s UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap and has been a passionate advocate for synthetic biology research and translation both in Europe and internationally. He is also a current member of the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group (AHTEG) on Synthetic Biology for the United Nations Convention for Biological Diversity. He has appeared regularly on radio and television broadcasts on the subject of synthetic biology and has successfully co-supervised Imperial undergraduate iGEM teams since 2006 and acted as an iGEM judge.