James Currier

James Currier, Managing Partner at

James Currier, Managing Partner at NFX

James is one of Silicon Valley’s foremost experts in growth and network effects. He’s a four-time serial entrepreneur. He is also a pioneer of user-generated models, viral marketing, a/b testing, crowdsourcing, and myriad other growth techniques now followed by nearly all technology companies. He is a synthetic biology investor, having invested in Genome Compiler and was the first investor in Mammoth Biosciences.

Because of his expertise in these critical areas of company growth, he’s been fortunate to invest in, advise, and mentor many of technology’s definitive startups, and has revolutionized the trajectory of today’s leading internet companies.

James is a growth junkie with an uncanny eye for what it takes to succeed. He has been investing before or alongside firms like Sequoia, Greylock, CRV, A16z, First Round, Mayfield, Shasta, and GGV.