Estella Ho

Estella Ho

Estella Ho, founder of TEMU TECH.

Estella Ho (Zhengming He) is a global-minded, cross-cultural professional with three-year experiences in biopharmaceutical industry and five-year in investment management.

As the founder of TEMU TECH, Estella now offers independent consultancy for institutional investors, Incubators, biotech companies and entrepreneurs etc to support their global outreach and endeavors in China. The clients she has served include Morningside Venture, Finchi Innovation Center (Part of Business Finland), MicuRx, Eye-Cure, MedGenesis (Canada) etc.

Estella used to worked for Morningside Ventures, HIP Investor (San Francisco) and Shoreline Capital. Before, she successfully raised fund for start-up and co-founded a boutique design firm in Canton.

A born tech enthusiast, Estella is extremely passionate on the fusion of data-driven analytics, design thinking and entrepreneurship, which help create and deliver relevant innovations to global audiences. An effective cross-disciplinary and cross-culture communicator, she presents a deep appreciation on nature, science and world/local cultures.

Estella holds a B.S degree in Life Sciences from Fudan University and received Special Awards in the China’s National Challenge Cup Competition for multi-disciplinary research. In 2012, she graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management with distinction. Estella is expected to be awarded with CFA Designation in 2018.