Dominique Waddoup

Dominique Waddoup, Co-founder of BirdShades

Dominique is co-founder and initiator of BirdShades – a startup project with the aim to save birds from deadly window collisions. Together with Bettina Kain she is developing a transparent coating for glass surfaces which is noticeable for birds and thus stops them of flying into windows. During their work and an incident at university they became increasingly aware of bird-window collisions – which is the second largest human induced threat for birds.

The vision of the BirdShades team is to offer tools, concepts and studies for applied nature conservation which people can easily apply in their homes. Currently BirdShades is at the incubator program of the Center for Applied Technologies Leoben, Austria.

Dominique holds a master’s degree in biology/animal behavior from the University of Graz. During her master’s thesis she investigated physical phenomena of giant honeybees in Nepal. She has worked for GoWILD KG, where she was responsible for studies and international project development.