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In short, startups and corporations in the synthetic biology and genomics area working together looks simple on paper but can be challenging in real life. Join this event if you would like to hear how some companies are addressing those challenges and hear about their experiences and thoughts!

The event will include a panel discussion, moderated by Richard Goold, who is the genome expert and former CEO of StationX which was sold to Roche. The first panel session will be with the CEO of Awakens, a consumer genomics startup helping non-genomics companies to build DNA-personalized products through simple white-label API solution. And, the second panel discussion will be with the CEO of Tupac Bio, which is making software for synthetic biology companies, and two of Tupac Bio’s clients; Spiber and Finless.

Learn more about industry trends, how collaborations really occur, and how you too can transform an idea into a disruptive business. Panel will be followed by Q&A and networking.


Doors Open: 11:00 am

Lunch starts: 11:30 am

Opening Remarks: 12:00 – 12:05 pm (5 min)


12:05 – 12:13: Awakens – Company introduction (8 min)

12:13 – 12:33: Q&A and panel discussion (20 min)

– What is the general trend of consumer genomics?

– Why are non-genomics companies interested in DNA-personalization?

– Who has the DNA data ownership?

– How does the future look like?

– Where and how can non-genomics companies fit into?


12:33 – 12:41: Tupac – Intro and lessons learned from business development? (8 min)

12:41 – 12:48: Finless (startup) (7 min)

12:48 – 12:55: Spiber (corporate) (7 min)

12:55 – 1:15: Panel Discussion (Tupac, Finless, Spiber)

Closing Remarks: 1:15 – 1:20 pm (5 min)



Eli Lyons, CEO and co-founder of Tupac Bio