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Are you curious about the intersection of design thinking and synthetic biology? We understand that designers are trained to focus on people and their experiences, recognize what technology can become a product, how people might use the product, and what, if any, relationships might ensue. We get that biological design is often associated with experimental design, which is associated with statistical validity. And, we’ve come to know that synthetic biology relies on engineering techniques which are, arguably, both superficial and concrete. Some would say that design thinking and synthetic biology are fundamentally different, while others would claim their inherent intersection. We believe design thinking and synthetic biology have clearly joined forces. So, where are we now and where are we going? What is the dominant paradigm? We have the power and know-how to manipulate living things. Are artificial forms of life what we seek? Why? Why not? How can and should we best proceed?

Please join our SynBioBeta 2018 satellite session, for an evening of learning, engaging, and expanding. Our diverse panel of experts will lead us in discussion, followed by a short hands-on workshop. We’ll also provide a tour of our Innovation Labs and BSL2 lab, which continues to inform how we integrate synthetic biology and other disciplines, and why we believe that traditional disciplines can reinforce one other, create new thinking, stretch the borders of “doable”, and thus, allow us to build new “things”.